Rocio Sanchez


Graduating Class: 2019

Major: Social Ecology

Hometown: Inglewood, CA

What motivated you to pursue higher education?

I decided to pursue a higher education because I want more job opportunities. I want to be passionate in the job I have instead of feeling that I to try and survive another day at work.

What would you like to have known coming into your first year of college?

Honestly, people were honest that the transition from community college to a 4-year university was going to be challenging and that I would have to adjust to the quarter system. Having this in mind, I did not quit at the moments I wanted to.

What was a challenge you faced as a first generation college student and how did you overcome it?

One of the challenges I had as a first generation college student transferring to a 4-year university was leaving home.I had to accept the transition of having to live in dorms instead of my room with my family. It was difficult at first not being able to see them every day like I was used to, but I keep contact with them on a daily basis and go back on weekends when schoolwork is not extremely heavy.In addition, my amazing housemates and roommate have given me the support I needed to overcome my homesickness.

What was a resource that helped you navigate UCI?

What really helped me get through my first quarter at UCI were the people and programs. I am in the ACE program and First Year Transfer Program which have helped me by informing me about other resources on campus and providing mentor-ship. In addition, the Career Center was a great resource when I needed my resume to be revised for an interview. I will for sure continue using these resources and search for more as time continues.