First Gen Staff

The First Generation Staff Association is a UCI staff organization that includes members that identify or advocate for first generation college students and commit to fostering a community of inclusive support, share professional development opportunities and commit to the advancement of first generation students.
If you are a First Generation Staff Member and are interested in receiving more information about the First Generation Staff Association, please contact Joanna Hernandez at
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UCI First Generation Staff Initiative Committees









 Georgina Espino   Bardales  Michelle Nguyen  Ashley Cisneros  Tonie Zhu  Daniel Park  Erica Turley-De Villa             Edna Valdez
 Ruth Ortega  Kaelyn Costa  Susan Guadarrama  Briandy Walden  Nancy Herrera  Ashley Ramirez                    Christine Tran
 Burt Alvaro Slusher  Evani Chavez  Courtney Santos  Linda Vong  Stacy Brinkman                    Katherine Diaz
 Yoo Mi Choi  Lizette Espino   Bardales  Gretheel Olvera  Martha Martinez                   Caitlin Calhoun
 Joanna Hernandez  Andrea O’Donnell  Cindy Love