Best Practices For Faculty

Faculty should publicly identify myself as a first generation student on the first day of classes each quarter and invite students (first generation or otherwise) who would like to learn more about my academic journey to attend office hours. If I was a continuing-generation student, I will

  1. I will make a positive statement about the high percentage of ‘first gen’ students at UCI and express my interest in supporting their success.
  2. I will identify myself as a first-generation college student or First Gen student ally with colleagues in my department and school.
  3. I will familiarize myself with support services currently available on campus and will encourage first-generation students to make use of those services.
  4. I will ask questions and initiate conversations in all appropriate forums about how my department, school, and the campus in general can develop policies, practices, and pedagogies that facilitate first-generation students’ academic success and wellbeing.
  5. I will seek to establish collaborative relationships with other first-generation faculty and first generation student allies and to educate myself about issues confronting first generation students by attending at least one First-Generation Faculty Lunch Workshop per year.
  6. I will lead a presentation/workshop/discussion or participate in/host a mentorship lunch or event for first generation students at least once per year.