First Generation Homepage

  • First-generation UCI faculty prepared to support students facing the same challenges they once overcame!

  • The First-Generation Faculty Initiative: Promoting Faculty Engagement with Students that are First in Their Family to Attend University.

  • Learn 6 Best Practices for Faculty to support First Gen Students.

  • Esther Kim, a first-generation college student, is studying psychology & social behavior and criminology, law & society. She speaks with Anita Casavantes Bradford, associate professor of history and Chicano/Latino studies, about the new mentorship program called First Generation First Quarter Challenge. Kim wants to become a voice for victims of domestic violence.

  • Close to 60 percent of new UC Irvine undergraduates are first-generation collegians. A faculty outreach program aims to let these students know that many instructors are 'first-gens' too.

Programs for First Generation Students

  • Campus Connections is specially designed to provide support to First-Generation students with the transition to college life
  • Academic support & tutoring will be offered in areas such as Chemistry, Math, Physics, Writing & Biological Sciences.
  • Fall Quarter success classes
  • Winter Quarter career development classes
  • Spring Quarter college career planning classes
  • TRIO Scholars

Resources for First Generation Students

Thanksgiving Potluck in Transfer Student Center

Resources for First Generation Faculty & Allies

  • If you are a UCI First-Generation Faculty member, please contact us so that we can add you to a campus wide directory.
  • Click here to receive more information about upcoming workshops!

First Generation Faculty Future Events

The First Generation Faculty Initiative hosts twice yearly lunch workshops:
  • Meetings feature short lectures and presentations by scholars/experts on topics of importance to first-generation students
  • Fall Quarter - Date and location to be announced soon, click here for more information.
  • Spring Quarter - Date and location to be announced soon.